Welcome, GM Kainodon 12.05.2017

GM Kainodon to Drop the Hammer on Abusers!

The Game Operations team in Garena has received countless reports of toxic users and abusers in this region.

Good news! We are doing something about it.

First, let’s all welcome GM Kainodon who is going to be the person responsible for taking actions against the abusers.

Secondly, please read the below Abuse Policy.


Verbal Abuse Policy:

Players are responsible for how they express themselves. Language that could be offensive or vulgar to others is strictly prohibited. As such, the following policy is adapted to ensure FO3 offer a fun and safe place for players to interact with one another.

Verbal Abuse are categorized into 4 groups as follows:

1. Cursing, Cussing and Swearing

Offensive or vulgar language are not permitted thus cursing, cussing & swearing (directly or in-directly) is not allowed.

2. Threats, Harassment and Name Calling

Threatening or harassing another player is always unacceptable, regardless of language used. Name calling and/or use of derogatory terms will result to a yellow card.

3. Hate Speech and Racism

Hate speech and discriminatory language will not be tolerate, as is any obscene or disruptive language. These includes sexually explicit and/or homophobic as well as racist remarks.

Applies to player remarks pertaining to gender, race and religion.

4. Promoting inappropriate content

Advertising third/illegal party content and advocacy in chat is not allowed.

Content such as links to phishing sites and/or website that directly competes with our business. Advocacy for “extremism” or far right/left ideology, etc.

Each category has a corresponding penalty. Yellow card for toxic behaviour while red card will be issued for sensitive/highly toxic behaviour:

Now, players may ask how they can report such abuse.

Here’s how.

Step 1: Like (GM Kainodon’s) Facebook Page.

Step 2: Screenshot / video the process. Screenshot must include the entire screen with the manager name and chat window visible. (The picture / footage MUST be clear)

Step 3: Send the picture / video to (GM Kainodon).

Players should note that the ban hammer drops every Friday while unbanning happens every Wednesday.

Users will be notified of their ban via email. If users wish to appeal their ban, they will need to escalate their case to Garena’s (Customer Support).

That is all, we wish you well. GLHF