SAM Elites -- Team Introduction 17.07.2017

SAM Elites: Meet the Squad

SAM Elites to Make Their First Appearance on the International Stage

We present to you SAM Elites,  the team that will represent Singapore & Malaysia in the EA Champions Cup Summer 2017 that will be held in Poly World Trade Center,Guangzhou, China on 21st until 23rd July 2017. The team will be battling for a whopping prize pool of USD 326,000, one of the biggest prize pool for a football game in the world.

The four members of SAM Elites fought and won their battle in Fantasy Cup, an invitational tournament where top players who excelled in various EA Sports FIFA Online 3 tournaments were invited to join Fantasy Cup. This time around, top players from Singapore & Malaysia fought head to head in the same Fantasy Cup instead of battling separately according to their country. RippedJeannn, J0k3R, SynCxJaron, and zFeedMeMore emerged victorious in Fantasy Cup and formed SAM Elites.


Darren 'RippedJeannn' Gan

Darren ‘RippedJeannn’ Gan is certainly not a stranger amongst the FO3 community. He reigns in 1v1 Ranking Mode, in addition to being the top contender in FO3 tournaments such as National Championship and Liga Cyber. RippedJeannn has represented Malaysia during the previous EACC Winter 2017 and now he seeks to achieve better placement with SAM Elites.


Aaron 'J0K3R' Gomez

Aaron ‘J0k3R’ Gomez is another player who have represented Malaysia on the international stage. He defeated eMasterVin, a veteran FO3 player and won the rights to represent Malaysia in the SEA Open Championship 2016 which was held in Vietnam. Having experience performing on the international stage, both J0K3R and RippedJeannn will be co-captaining SAM Elites. It is hoped that chemistry between them will bring a fruitful result in EACC.


Lim 'SynCxJaron' Hong Ming

Lim ‘SynCxJaron’ Hong Ming is a rising star from Singapore. He marked his presence in the competitive scene when he and his team, Azuri Crew made it to the Grand Final of National Championship Season 5.  SynCxJaron displayed great gameplay in the last Fantasy Cup in which he was crowned the champion. He seeks to prove that he is able to maintain consistent performance since this will be his first time representing our region in EACC.


Azim 'zFeedMeMore' Hakim

Azim ‘zFeedMeMore’ Hakim has been in the competitive scene for a while now. He was amongst the top 4 players during Fantasy Cup:Road to Korea back in 2015. Ever since that, he has been actively joining offline & online tournaments, sharpening his gameplay and honing his skills. His matches in Fantasy Cup are hands down a must-watch, as he displayed top notch performance, definitely worthy to represent SAM in the upcoming EACC. Having performed well in the qualifiers, zFeedMeMore needs to maintain a calm nerve to carry SAM Elites to victory.

SAM Elites will be battling on EACC stage starting from 21st-23rd July this week. You may watch the livestream on these channels:



All the best to SAM Elites! Watch the livestream and show your support to our SAM representatives.