Public Holiday Special Event 21.06.2016

Dear Managers,

Feeling bored at home? We have a special holiday event just for you! 

Exclusive for PC version

Event date: 22 June 2016

Play 1 match on your PC to receive one of the following items:

    - '08E Best 200 Player Pack (+2 ~ +5)

    - '10U Top 100 Player Pack

    - Mixed Season Top 50 Upgraded Player Pack (+2 ~ +5) 

    - 5,000,000 EP

Exclusive for FO3M version

Event date: 22 June 2016

Login using the FO3M Mobile App to receive both of the items below:

    - '08E Top 100 Player Pack

    - 20 x Match point

Login and play EA Sports FIFA Online 3 now to receive lots of goodies!

*Both of the events are limited to only 1 redemption per account.