Player Review - EC Messi 04.11.2016

Article by Introllvert (Manager Name)

    Hailing from Argentina, Lionel Messi has been loyal to Barcelona for many years. His career path was not an easy one as he was faced with growth issues that affected his chances of improving as a footballer.

    However, the investment of his club paid off as he debuted in Barcelona's first team squad and played along side legends such as Ronaldinho, Xavi, Iniesta and many more over the years in his career. Messi is one of the biggest name in this football era along side Cristiano Ronaldo.

    He has often been dubbed as the next Maradona but has fallen off expectations as his international team came up runner's up in the World Cup 2014, Copa America 2015 and 2016. However, he has had more success with his club, winning numerous titles and 4 FIFA Ballons d'Or awards.



(80 -> 84)


(82 -> 84)

After the EC roster update, his stats have increased to 84 for both attributes to reflect

his performance during the campaign. This is definitely a decent speed to beat the defense

on the flanks.


(90 -> 93)

One of his traits in reality reflected in the game is his ability to weave through opponents

effortlessly with his unique Messi Magic dribbling technique. He rarely loses the ball while


If movements are timed well, the ball will very much be stuck to his feet like a magnetic


This is good for players who love dribbling in the game. On a side note, his ball control is

rather high at 93 which complements the dribbling stats and the ability to receive high balls

on the flanks effectively.


(84 -> 85)

As a winger, this value is important to feed the attacking players in the box, especially

those with high heading stats.

This attribute possessed by Messi EC is the highest among other versions, and is good

for managers who love to cross and take advantage of strikers who can head well.

Feet Preference


This is an advantage over the XI and U10 versions as they both have 5/3, and the latter

has the hidden trait "Prefer Main Feet" which is a huge handicap when it comes to scoring,

passing, and crossing.

Hidden Traits

-     "Sharp Curling Shot"

-     "Prefer Long Shot (AI)"

Managers can utilize to perform finesse shots outside the penalty box for the former

during 1v1 games and hope that Messi scores outside the box in Manager Mode with

regards to the latter.



In game, Messi EC finds ways to run into space when he is off the ball while losing his

markers and waits for the opportunity to score.

This occurs many times and standing in positions where he can avoid defenders and still

head into goals despite his low heading stats and making up for his weakness which will

be discussed below.




Despite this version of Messi being the tallest at 170cm and weighing 72kg, he can be

easily pushed away while sprinting down the flanks. Heading too will be an issue due

to his height and his stats for jumping is 64 while heading is 66.

Hence, he will be having troubles winning highballs or facing physical challenges

against strong LB or RB such as Rojo WC and Ramos U10.


During the Copa America, Messi made a mess of himself by missing the first shot

during the penalty shootout in the finals against Chile. This caused a decrease in penalty

attribute by 11 points to 67. This will affect the movement and shape of the power bar

during penalties in-game so just be more cautious when taking penalties with him.


Approx 35 million EP for Grade 1.


I suggest using him on the wings as either LW were he can weave his way out of trouble

and into space to cross to strikers with the "Power Header" trait or as a RW where Messi

can cut from right to the corner of the penalty box to take a long or curling shot into the


Another tip to maximize his stats is by fulfilling the criteria such as to field at least 6

Barcelona players, Best players, upgraded players etc according to one's play style.

One last tip is that if you always wanted a Messi XI but could not afford him, having a

Grade 2 or higher Messi EC with the upgraded player boost is almost the same the

former or even better.

I personally believe he should have the hidden trait "Leadership" added to this EC version as he was the captain of Argentina throughout the campaign. He retired from international duties due to his failure to lead his country to victory yet again in another finals but changed his mind soon after.

Will he ever win a trophy in the international stage?

Only time will tell. I look forward to the new release of his WC18 version.