Player Review - 06U De Rossi 11.11.2016

Article by AlexanderEmpire(Manager Name)

Danielle De Rossi is a Italian veteran born in the year 1983. Currently 33 years old, he wears the number 16 jersey and plays as Central Midfielder for AS Roma. He began his football career for Ostio Mare as a Central Defender from 1997 to 2000. He is then purchased by Roma, and he had been playing for them ever since. Let’s have a look at his statistics in EA Sports FIFA Online 3.


He plays with a very high tempo and easily adapts his playstyle to the opposition’s movement in game. He plays very well and his ability to abruptly stop the opposition team’s counter-attacks are very admirable. He runs fast too when compared to Toni Kroos EC, Iniesta 10WC, or Totti 06U. He is able to play in a very fast pace with or without the ball.

Rating: ★★★★

Defensive Abilities

He has the trait of 'perfect defender' which is crucial in the game as he is able to win the ball back from the opposition with ease. His proficiency in tackling makes it even harder for his oppositions to beat him. He will often throw his body around in his attempt to block oppositions’ shots to prevent his team from conceding a goal. His high positioning stats makes it harder for his opponents to attack as he will always be in the right place at the right time to thwart the opposition’s attack.

Rating: ★★★★

Ball Control & Passing:

De Rossi is fondly known as the mastermind in Roma. He is also my mastermind as I will always be able to launch successful attacks through De Rossi. He is a superb passer of the ball and is also gifted with very good ball control. His accurate high passing and ground passing helps us beat the opposition with ease. His trait as “top midfielder”, “targetman”, “tactician”, and “aerial control” helps him control the game.

Rating: ★★★★

Dribbling & Goal-Scoring Abilitiy:

De Rossi is a top goalscorer due to his traits “top striker”, “finisher”, and “sniper” that enables him to often score from the outside of the penalty box. He has very good shooting statistics that allows you to place the ball into the top left / right corners of the goal. His dribbling abilities are not as good as your Cristiano Ronaldos or Lionel Messis of the world, but his high strength statistics helps him get past players without the opposition getting the ball back easily.

Rating: ★★★★