Patch 18.05

54 New Legends!


 - 54 New World Legends will be added to the SAM server! For more information, visit:

The new World Legends will be added to the same team colours the existing World Legends are already in, such as:

  • Master Season

  • Premium 100


  • Special Player


  • SPECIAL 100

  • CURRENT 100

  • LEGACY 100

- These new World Legends will also be added to existing seasons. For more information, you can click here

- They will be available in packs offering CC or CP seasons from this patch onwards.


NHD Season

-       A new season called the NHD season will be added

-    Full list of the players can be found here


Current Top 100 Team Colour Change

- 3 players will be removed from the existing Current Top 100 Team Colour. They will be replaced by 3 new players in the Current Top 100 Team Colour. The players are as follows:

Existing Current Top 100New Current Top 100
P. Lahm
Cristiano Ronaldo
F. Totti
M. Salah
M. Schneiderlin
L. Messi