Dear Managers,

The September Serial Products are up for grabs starting on 21 September 2016!

Sales duration: 21 September 2016 to 21 October 2016

(The sale will start at 10AM on the first day and end at 10AM on the last day)

Below are the prices of each Serial Product and the items that come along:

1st Product (Price: 480 Cash):

    -    Lucky EP Card (Random EP amount from 3,500,000 EP to 15,000,000 EP) x 1

2nd Product (Price: 5,500 Cash):

    -    Top Price 100 Player Pack (including MY Legends & World Best) x 1

    -    EC Draft 10 Player Pack x 2

    -    EC Draft 30 Player Pack x 2

3rd Product (Price: 15,000,000 EP):

    -    EC 30 Best Player Pack x 1

4th Product (Price: 6,000 Cash):

    -    250,000,000 EP

    -    Top Price 100 Player Pack (including MY Legends & World Best) x 1

    -    250,000 Upgrade Points

    -    25,000 MP

    -    Lv. 18 Capsule

WHAT are Serial Products?

    -    Products can only be bought in a sequence

    -    You can only buy the next product AFTER you buy the product before it

    -    E.g. Buy 1st item > Buy 2nd item > Buy 3rd item

    -    Once you have bought the 4th package, you can buy the 1st package again, and the cycle repeats

*September Serial Products are available in both PC and FO3M Mobile App shop

Other Products:

EC Lottery Package