Dear Managers,

Here are our February Serial Products!

Sales Duration: 17 Feb - 7 March

(The sales will start at 10:00AM on the first day and end at 11:59PM on the last day)

Below are the prices of each Serial Product and the items that come along with it.

1st Product (Price: 1,400 Cash)

EC & Current Season Upgraded Lottery x 4

2nd Product (Price: 5,000,000 EP)

300,000 Upgrade Points

3rd Product (Price: 5,600 Cash)

Feb Serial Product 3

In this package, you will get the items below.

EC Best 30 (+3)

EC Best 50 (+3)

100,000,000 EP

4th Product (Price: 100,000,000 EP)

EC Best 30 Player Pack (+2 ~ +5)

5th Product (Price: 12,000 Cash)

Feb Serial Product 5

In this package, you will get the items below.

MY Legend Player Pack

EC Best 30 (+3 ~ +6)

EC Best 50 (+3 ~ +6) x 2

4,000 MP

WHAT are Serial Products?

    -    Products can only be bought in a sequence

    -    You can only buy the next product AFTER you buy the product before it

    -    E.g. Buy 1st item > Buy 2nd item > Buy 3rd item

    -    Once you have bought the 5th package, you can buy the 1st package again, and the cycle repeats

*Feb Serial Products are available in both PC and FO3M Mobile App shop

Check out the product review by one of our streamers: FO3SeaMonkey