New Item - EC Mix Lottery 26.09.2016

Dear Managers,

We will be launching a new product called EC Mix Lottery. With this lottery, you may stand a chance to win 50 EC Golden Lotteries!

Price: 250 Cash    |    Sales duration: 27 September 2016 to 25 October 2016

(The sales will start at 10AM on the first day and end at 10AM on the last day)

You may stand a chance to win one of the items below with this lottery:

 EC Gold Lottery x 50             EC Gold Lottery x 10

 EC Gold Lottery x 2                EC Gold Lottery x 1  

  EC Purple Lottery x 25             EC Purple Lottery x 5

 EC Purple Lottery x 2              EC Purple Lottery x 1

 EC Silver Lottery x 10             EC Silver Lottery x 5