[LCS2] New Website Features 18.05.2017

Dear Managers,

New Features in Liga Cyber Website

In Season 2 of FIFA Online 3 Liga Cyber Malaysia, we have introduced new features in the website. The following are notable changes to the site.

1. MVP Page

The MVP Award page now allows visitors to view 6 contenders for the MVP Award. This change was made to allow users to see which players are in contention to be seeded directly into Fantasy Cup as the new format of Fantasy Cup allows the top 4 MVP contenders to be invited to Fantasy Cup.

2. The Teams Page

The teams page now feature all 20 teams in the same stretch, with Season 1 teams placed based on their rank in Season 1. Founding teams will have a S1 ribbon attached to their names.

3. The Highlights Page

Visitors of the page can view highlights for different weeks (including Season 1 highlights.

4. Hall of Fame Page

Previous season’s Champion and MVP will have their stats placed in this page to honour their achievements over the long season.

5. My Dream My Team

My Dream My Team is a brand-new, never-seen-before game to be introduced for FIFA Online 3 Liga Cyber Malaysia Season 2. Users can now cheer for their favourite teams each week.

Here’s how to play the game.

  1. Users will need to play FIFA Online 3 to collect cheer points. For every win, the user is awarded 1 point. This applies to all games except for manager mode and league simulation. The maximum amount of points a user can accumulate per day is 20 points.

  2. Users have a choice to collect all their accumulated cheer points gained from winning in FIFA Online 3 every week.

  3. Every week, the odds for different matches will change according to the performance of the teams.

  4. Users can view how many points they gained in-game or from cheering for their favourite teams.

  5. Users can only cheer for one fixture once. Once you have cheered on a specific fixture, you are not allowed to change your decision.

  6. Once the results are updated, you can click “Collect All Cheer Points” to collect all cheer points you have gained from cheering for the teams you support.

That is all from us. GLHF

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