Dear Managers,

We are proud to announce the launch of Garena Student Alliance (GSA)!

GSA, a new initiative by the Campus Team in Garena, aims to encourage students to establish eSports clubs on campuses, whilst educating them on proper club management including tournament administration, preparing partnership proposals, event marketing, and the current eSports ecosystem in the region.

The recently concluded GSA Bootcamp last month and also The Intercampus 2016 tournament were only the first few activities under  this huge project!

With the help of GSA, Garena hopes to encourage the growth of more eSports clubs campuses across Malaysia.

The GSA team have hand-crafted a simple Step-by-Step and All-You-Need-To-Know guide to assist students in establishing their very own eSports club! eHandbook is available for download at: Download Here

For the full Press Release of Garena Student Alliance: Click Here

Website Link: Click Here