KNC Season 4 New Format 12.07.2016

Dear Managers,

For Kaki Bola National Championship (KNC) Season 4, there will be a slight change of format. Players, do take note on the changes especially for the current Kaki Bola Clash (KBC) Season 4 players.

KNC Season 4

  1.     New Structure: Team of 3

  2.     New Prize Pool --- RM 33,000

1st:       RM 15,000

2nd:       RM 7,500

3rd:        RM 4,500 

4th:        RM 2,000

5th - 8th: RM 1,000

KNC Season 4 Qualifiers Format

  1. Team Captain Qualifiers by State

    Top 16/32 Hall of Fame from each State (via will go for State Invitational Match to qualify to be New Team Captains via 2 Stage Tournament. (Round Robin BO2 and Single Elimination)

Number of new team captain slots available (Total: 16)

KL/Selangor    -    3

Penang           -    2

Perak             -    2

Kedah            -    1

Johor             -    1

Perlis             -    1

Kelantan         -    1

Terengganu     -    1

Pahang           -    1

Melaka            -    1

Negeri Sembilan-    1

Singapore         -    1

Date: 16th July

  2. Team formation period

16 New Team Captains from KBC + Top 16 Previous Season KNC = 32 Team Captains

* Previous Top 16 KNC Finalists will automatically become Team Captains

* Each Team Captain is free to choose 2 or 3 other team members (1 reserve)

* No rules for eligibility of team members

    - Team members can be other team captains

(But privilege of being Team Captain cannot be transferred to other players)

    - Team members can be from any state

    - Team members can be from Singapore or Malaysia

    - Team members cannot be registered into any other team


i. Team Captains must register their team before KNC Qualifier date to GM in-charge

ii. In the case or team member replacement throughout the duration of tournament; a new team member may join the team but the new team member must not be registered under any other team; even if team is eliminated already.

Date: 16th July - 22nd July

 3. KNC Qualifiers

32 (Or less) teams complete double elimination online to find Top 8 teams to compete for KNC Season 4

Date: 30th July

KNC Season 4 Format

  1. Top 8 teams are divided into two groups of 4 teams.

  2. 1 match from each team is live-streamed every 2 weeks in a BO3 format

    a. 1st Match: 1v1

    b. 2nd Match: 3v3

    c. 3rd Match: 1v1 (Different participants from Match 1) 

  3. Top 2 teams from each group at the end of the round robin proceed to offline semifinals + finals

Date: TBC August - October 2016

What is KBC and KNC?

Kaki Bola Clash (KBC)

Kaki Bola Clash is a EA Sports FIFA Online 3 offline tourmanent where it is held once every 2 weeks in every state in Malaysia. However, there will be slight changes to the format of KBC. Instead of once every 2 weeks, it will be changed to twice every 3 months. You will have MORE time to practice and train before the next KBC match! If you think you are good though *winks*, participate now and go head-to-head against other Managers in your own state!

To know more on how to register for KBC events: CLICK HERE!

Join your own State Facebook Groups to discuss strategies, tips, and also meet other Managers!









Negeri Sembilan





Kaki Bola National Championship (KNC)

Kaki Bola National Championship is a tournament where the Top 16/32 Managers of each state will battle it out in Qualifier rounds to determine the Top 16 best EA Sports FIFA Online 3 in both Singapore and Malaysia! Not only will you represent your State, but you will also be able to represent your country as KNC Champions will often be given the opportunity to compete internationally against other countries.

To know more about KNC: CLICK HERE!