KBC/KBC+ S4 Loyalty Program 08.06.2016

Dear Managers,

The EA Sports FIFA Online 3 Team would like to extend our gratitude to loyal and frequent Kaki Bola Clash and Kaki Bangku Clash event goers.

To show our appreciation, we decided to present you with this Loyalty Program where managers would be awarded for attending the event.

Loyalty Program Details

Managers who attend BOTH the upcoming KBC/KBC+ events which will be held on 11th (Saturday) and 26th (Sunday) June 2016 will receive 2 x EC Draft 100 Player Pack.

Community Referees will be taking attendance during both of the KBC/KBC+ events.

Managers are required to present their Garena ID (in numbers) to the CR's. So, please remember your Garena UID's. 

KBC/KBC+ Events Near You

To look for KBC/KBC+ events near you, please click here :

Managers can join the State Facebook Groups, and click on the "Events" tab to search for the location and time of ongoing KBC/KBC+ events.

Not only that, but managers can also mingle and discuss strategies with fellow FIFA Online 3 players from the same state in these State Facebook Groups.

Managers can also click on Kaki Bola Clash Official Website (, and click on the map to look for KBC/KBC+ events in each state.

Feedback Survey

Please fill up the survey below to give us your suggestion and feedback on how we can improve KBC & KBC+!

Thank you so much :)

- EA Sports FIFA Online 3 Team