Dear Managers,

Want more discounts on the goodies you buy? Our June Serial Products sale is here!

As these are serial products, you can only buy the next product AFTER you had purchased the previous product.

Buy the products in order to be able to enjoy better discounts!

Sales duration: 21 - 28 June 2016

(The sales will start at 10AM on the first day and end at 10AM on the last day)

Below are the items and their respective prices:

    1. '16 EC Special Package (Price: 2,500 Cash)

        - Euro&Copa Draft 50 Player Pack

        - Euro&Copa Draft 100 Player Pack

        - Euro&Copa Draft 200 Player Pack

        - EXP Transfer 70%

        - Lv 13 Capsule

    2. TOTS Best 90 Upgraded Player Pack (Price: 1,200 Cash)

        - TOTS Best 90 Upgraded Player Pack (+2 ~ +5)

    3. 100,000 Upgraded Points (Price: 100,000 EP)

    4. Euro&Copa Golden Package in 50% discount (Price: 2,500 Cash)

In order to enjoy the discount, you would need to purchase the serial products in order. This sale is available on BOTH PC and FO3 Mobile App.

Happy shopping!