Impact Engine - FAQ 16.03.2016

Good day Managers!

The new Impact Engine is finally here with us together with the Season 15 Roster Update. 

There are some of you who are lost by the new and big changes in the game. We hope to address some of your concerns with this FAQ.

What is the advised minimum spec for the new Impact Engine?

OS: Windows 7 (Will run on XP SP3 as well)

CPU: Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4Ghz

Memory: 2GB (Advise users to use 4GB)

Graphic card: GeForce 8800GT

DirectX ver.: 9.x or above

*This is the advised minimum spec for running the new Impact Engine. It is possible to run the game at a lower spec. However, game performance cannot be guaranteed.

Why I got some display error like audience missing, colored skin...etc?

Try to solve the problem in this 2 ways:

1. Update you graphic driver (You can find the driver on the official site of your graphic card)

2. Adjust in-game graphic setting to low

Why am I unable to download the patcher?

The patcher should work fine under normal circumstances. We have tested it on a few networks.

However, in the event that you disconnect during patching or when you are facing slow and intermittent internet connection, your files may get corrupted. In this case, you will need to download the game again. 

For players with weaker internet connection, we recommend that you download the game in parts from our download page found below. The installer has been updated to the current version so there is little or no patching required after installation.

Why am I seeing a controller error message?

A few of our managers are experiencing an error message with regards to their gamepads / controllers. This issue can be resolved by reinstalling your gamepad / controller driver.

For players using a Logitech gamepad / controller, make sure that the toggle switch on your controller is set to D instead of X.

Why is the passing so slow and inaccurate?

FIFA Online 3 aims to provide our managers with a more realistic football experience in the game. In the old Engine, managers can easily chain a series of short passes into the opponent's half. This creates a lot of opportunities for goals and put managers with weaker players at a huge disadvantage. The new Impact Engine corrects this by creating a more realistic experience of passing the ball. Managers now have to be more calculative of when they choose to pass. 

"Do I have enough space to receive the ball?" "Where would my nearest opponent be when I get the ball?" "Will my opponent get to the ball before me in this long pass?"

Such calculation involves both skill and experience. At the end of the day, managers with a better awareness of space will be rewarded. 

Why is it harder to score goals?

AI goalkeepers are getting better with the saves. It is harder to score now than it was in the old Engine. However, if you compare the type of match scores you are getting with real life soccer, they are also more realistic. 

Managers will also find it easier to score from headers, crosses, and volleys. This allow for more creative gameplays and more tricky defensive scenarios. Every goal is hard earned and it now requires the manager to be skillful instead of simply bashing through with better players.

Why are my players always out of stamina?

Again, it is part of our move towards a more realistic soccer experience. Most managers are used to sprinting their players for the full 90 / 120 minutes in the old Engine. This is simply not realistic.

Once again, managing your players' stamina requires the manager to be skillful. Stamina is a resource. Mangers with better players obviously have more resources (stamina) to use. However, with good management, even a manager with weaker players can take advantage of an openning to sprint and score.

How do I take and save penalties?

Penalty is one of the biggest change in the game. It will take some practice before you get used to it.  We will be posting a video tutorial on penalties soon. Here are a few tips to help you first.


-    Press D (shoot) when the arrow reaches the center of the slider bar.

-    Hold on to D (shoot) to charge the strength, I usually just charge a little.

-    Press the direction keys to aim where to shoot. Imagine that there is an invisible crosshair at the center of the goalpost. If you do nothing, you will shoot dead center (assuming you get the strength and accuracy correct). If you hold on to the direction key too long, the crosshair will go out of the goalpost and your shot will miss. You will need some practice to get used to it.


-    Press CTRL + the direction you wish to dive in.

For a video guide, check out our streamer EasyGame and his penalty tutorial:

Do I need to log in on a certain date for my compensation reward?

No, you do not need to. The compensation reward will credited directly to your account. You can claim it any day.

What does all these changes mean for us?

The game feels more challenging because there is now a greater demand of skill from the managers. Managers need to utilize space for passing, manage stamina for sprint, explore creative means of scoring, and prevent their opponents from doing the same.

Where can I go to learn more about the new engine?

Everyone is starting from level ground again so don't give up! This is an exciting period to exchange ideas, formations, strategies and player recommendations with other managers. If you wish to share and learn more about playing in the new Impact Engine, join our Facebook Group - FIFA Online 3 Round Table to learn.