How to Record a Video of FO3 13.04.2016

Dear Managers,

From now onwards, we will be having video sharing events on Facebook fan pages on a weekly basis. Do you want to be the one whose video is selected to be showed to all the followers on Facebook fan page? If you do, now you may want to start to record some videos for your FO3.

How to record?

Using Fraps

You may use this free screen capture software - Fraps for your recordings. Firstly, download the software from and install the software. 

This is the general Fraps panel, set the hotkey for the recording as well as the video capture settings based on your PC specs. You can start to record by pressing the hotkey you set; press one more time to end the recording and the video will be saved in the folder you set.

Using Bandicam

Some managers may want to use Bandicam for the video recording. You may go to for the tutorial on how to record videos. Please do take note that the Bandicam video may have watermark on it so it may not be the best choice.

Once you have the video recordings, you can upload the video under our Facebook fan page posts, we will post out the posts that asking for good videos later. Stay tuned and we may also credit rewards to those whose videos are super funny and liked by most managers.