Happy New Year!!! 02.01.2019

Happy New Year dear Managers,

How did you spend the New Year? 

Hopefully you've enjoyed 2018~ How time flies! 

Year 2018 have been quite an eventful year for Fifa Online 3.

From overcoming issues to SG/MY winning the EACC twice in a row, what a year. 

We are only able to do this with the support from the community and can safely say, you guys are the best! 

We understand that you have a lot of questions but don't worry~ 

We will answer those questions little by little, once we get more information!

In the mean time, Fifa Online 3 will still operate as per usual. 

One of our objective for this year is to connect more with our community. 

We have some exciting events planned, especially via Facebook so keep a lookout!

We wouldn't be here without you guys, thank you very much for your continuous support! 

- FO3 Team