FIFA Online 3 Mobile - General 03.05.2016

Dear Managers,

FIFA Online 3 Mobile is finally here for everyone to enjoy! Let's find out all of the features available on FO3M!


Game Modes

Management & Transfer

Shops & Items 

How to Download

Use your phone to go to

Find the download button below for Android and iOS, click and download!

Android - For android users, simply click on this link to download the apk straight to your mobile phone -

Apple - For apple users, the app is available on the app store. Simply type FIFA Online 3 M and download.

Home Page/ User Interface

Logging in 

FO3M is synced with your FO3 account, hence you can log in using your Garena ID and password.

Home Page

Once you have logged in, you can see multiple features on the home page. The features available include:

- Daily Quest

- Challenge Mode

- Division Mode

- Live Mode

- Transfer Market

At the bottom of the page you can also see this: These are the shortcuts to the available features.

which include:

Start - League, Challenge, Division, Live Mode

Manage - Manage, Upgrade, Trade, Staff, Recruit Staff

Transfer - Buy, Sell

My Items - Player Pack, Use, Exchange, Inventory

Shop - Best Seller, Top-up FC, Recruit, Bundles, Single item, MP Shop, GP shop

Most of the modes available like Daily Quest, Live Mode, Transfer Market etcs are similar to the PC version. In fact, they are also linked to the PC version!

For Daily quest, if it is shown as "PC", it means the quest can only be completed on your PC, while if it is shown as "M" it means it can only be completed on your mobile.

M/PC means it can be completed on both PC and mobile!


FO3M Cash (FC)

- The usage is similar to the FO3 cash in PC version. However, they are separate. FC can be used to buy items available in the FO3M shop. You may get FC by 'Top Up', just like FO3 cash.


You need to use points to play Challenge Mode - 3 points or League Matches - 2 points. Every manager will be given 30 points everyday, to start with. 1 points will be added every 6 mins. The max. points you can have at any time is 30. Manager can also buy match points from the shop using BP.

Events and Friends

Events and friends buttons are on top right corner. 

You may click the event button to check the available FOM events. 


Friend system can help you own a special type of currency - BP.

Everyday, you can click and the system will give your friend 10 BP! Similarly your firend can send 10 BP to you!

You can receive up to 1000 BP at maximum.

BP can be used to purchase special player packs and match points.