EA Champions Cup 2016 Summer, an inter-Asian e-Sports match for EA SportsTM FIFA Online 3 -- an online soccer game developed by EA Spearhead Studio and serviced by Tencent and various local publishers -- will take place at Expo Center, Shanghai China. The total price money is USD 300,000. The tournament draft will start from 10AM, July 20. Live broadcast will be provided on eafifa.qq.com.

Draft Rules

- Each team will proceed a team draft 15 season player pool only and can select 23 players for one team

- Positions are divided into FW / MF / DF / GK

- Each team will select 1 in-game player when proceeding the draft for the first round and select 2 in-game players for the rest of the round

- The time limit of each draft round for each team is 3 minutes. If one team failed to pick players within 3 minutes, the draft program will automatically switches over to the next draft round for the next team

- There will be 13 rounds of draft. In the 13th* round, each team can choose rest of the in-game players (more than 2 players) to complete their squad in case they fail to pick players on time in the former rounds

- One team can only have 18 in-game players; each player can choose who to play among a squad of 23 in-game players

- Level for an in-game player will be set to 20, crafting set to 10

- Team chemistry system, live boosts, staff, club facilities will not be applied

- Level for a coach will be set to 1

- All participating players are required to attend the lucky draw of draft order

- The draft order for 8 teams will be proceed in below;

Order of Team 1  Team 8 and continue from Team 8  Team 1, repeat

- Account registration after the squad selection

- All the players in one team will be provided with the same squad (each player can have an individual account from the e-Sports server)

- Players will be provided with English supported client from e-Sports Server

The group match will start from 1 PM on July 23. 8 teams representing 7 countries (Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and two defending champion teams from China) will compete for the entry of semi-final. The match format will be BO1 single-circle.

Starting from 10 AM on July 24, semi-final winners will compete for the first Championship of EA Champions Cup. The match format will be KOF elimination.

The 2 days tournament live broadcast will be all provided on http://live.garena.com/fifa-online-3

For more details, please click: http://fo3.garena.com/

For EA Champions Cup 2016 Summer Official Rules, please click here.