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Want to buy premium items at cheap price? We have Christmas Package and Lottery come back for you at cheaper price on FOM!

Both products are FOM Exclusive!

Merry Christmas Lottery Come Back

Price: 560 cash (Original Price 700)    |     Product Duration: 13 Jan 2018 - 14 Jan 2018

Merry Christmas Lottery

UL Pack

WL Pack (+2)

World Best 10, UB, WL and UL Pack

1,000,000,000 EP Insertion Card

WB Pack

400M EP Insertion Card

Mixed Season Best 20 Upgraded Pack (5~8)

200M EP Insertion Card

Premium Season Best 20 Incld Master Season

CC Best 100 Pack (+3)

Christmas Special Package Come Back

Price: 9,000 cash  (Orignal Price 12000)    |     Product Duration: 13 Jan - 14 Jan 2018

From this package, you will receive the following items: 

UB&WL Pack

All Season Upgraded Boost X 2

Limited to 2 purchases per account