Attention Shoutcasters! 17.11.2015

Greetings Managers!

As FIFA Online 3 eSports is on the rise especially with the recent conclusion of the Asian Cup 2015 in Korea , we are looking for a couple of passionate and dedicated managers to join our shoutcasting team.

You don’t have to be a pro player to be a shoutcaster but you must be equipped to educate and entertain the audience with: 

  1. Good knowledge of the current meta.

  2. A good command of English

  3. Not camera shy

  4. Crazy for FIFA Online 3: Your passion for FO3 and eSports goes beyond the game.

There will be three stages for managers to complete the audition process. 

Stage One:

Complete the google form 

Stage Two:

Successful applicants will be contacted via either phone or email with the audition details. Be sure to keep alert with your phone or email.

Stage Three:

Successful applicants will be requested to come down to Garena Singapore/Malaysia office for an interview and a live screening to further test their shoutcasting ability.

*Applicants have to be 18 and above living in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur or Selangor

Successful candidates can look forward to working closely with the FO3 team for future events. If you have a passion for FIFA Online 3, then wait no more and apply now!

FIFA Online 3 Operations Team