Strategy in FIFA Online 3 – The key to success

In EA SportsTM FIFA Online 3, your playing strategy is one of the key factors that can lead you to victory.

Since the last generation of the FIFA Online Series, managers have the option to adjust their playing strategy, albeit in a very basic way. In FIFA Online 3, you are able to customize your strategy and tactics to fit your own player’s strength, formation and play style.

Team Strategy

In FIFA Online you can easily switch between 6 strategies while in the game to make the best out of every opportunity. 5 of these are recommended presets, although you can customize all 6 strategies to suit your needs:

  • Default (The default strategy of your selected club)

  • Offensive (All-out aggressive attack)

  • Defensive (To focus on defense)

  • Counter Attack (To catch the opponent on the "break")

  • Strong Pressure (To mark the ball and pressure your opponents)

  • My Strategy (The tactics set up by you)

For each strategy, the following attributes will affect your playstyle in a certain way.

[Play] - Your overall club style

LowNormal High


SlowNormal Fast
PassShort PassNormal PassLong Pass
PositioningOrganized Free

Organized PositioningFree Positioning

[Attack] - Your team tactics when attacking

LowNormal High
PassSafe PassNormal PassRisky Pass
CrossShort CrossNormal Cross Long Cross
Careful ShootingNormal ShootingFrequent Shooting
PositioningOrganizedFree Positioning
Wing AttackActive AttackBalanced Attack
Center Back AttackYesNo

[Defense] - Your team tactics when defending

Low NormalHigh
PressurePressure only in DefenseBalanced PressurePressiure even in attacking
AggressionCareful Defense Man-to-Man DefenseCooperative Defense
Player IntervalNarrow WidthNormal WidthWide Width
Defense LineFree Defense WidthOffside Trap

[Team Tendency]

Very DefensiveDefensiveBalanced OffensiveVery Offensive

Note: All the stats above have been set up by default, but are customizable by managers.

During the match, you can select and change strategies by pressing the number keys 1-6 with the following order: Default, Offensive, Defensive, Counter Attack, Strong Pressure and My Strategy.