Every year, FIFA Online 3 International Tournaments are held around Asia. 3 players are chosen from our local Fantasy Cup to form a team for every International Tournament. Countries from South East Asia like Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia take part in the SEA Tournaments, while Asian Tournaments also include China and Korea. The venue changes for almost every tournament, giving the players a chance to experience different cultures and lifestyles.

Winners for the FIFA Online 3 International Tournaments not only gain cash rewards, but also respect and reputation!


Currently the 3 biggest International Tournaments are:

  • Asian Cup

  • SEA Invitational

  • SEA Championship


The Asian Cup is the biggest FIFA Online 3 International Tournament. This tournament is consisted of 7 countries; Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, China and Korea. The hosting country of the Asian Cup changes every year, and the hosting country will have 2 teams, and therefore a total of 8 teams in this tournament. 


The SEA Invitational is a South-East Asia tournament that invites the best players from each country to go head-to-head  with one another. Similar to other International Cups, the hosting country changes and the countries involved in this tournament are Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. The hosting country will offer 2 teams.


This tournament is similar to the SEA Invitational, but the hosting country will be different. The format is also usually the same, but International Tournaments tend to surprise you with their changes of format and cash rewards!

Representatives from Malaysia and Singapore are chosen through Fantasy Cup.